About Us

We are the world’s best online platform for carpet cleaning in Germany.  We strive to create a sustainable and easy-to-use platform that connects customers and carpet laundries together. 

We are extremely grateful for working with some of the biggest global names DHL, UPS and Hermes just to offer you unsurpassable and secure shipping. 

We offer environmentally friendly shipping and receiving with DHL allowing you to send all parcels in a 100% climate-neutral way, all at no additional cost. We do this by ensuring that all the greenhouse gases that are generated by the transport are counterbalanced by our participation in climate protection projects such as GoGreen.

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The founders



Our vision is to make the carpet cleaning process as simple and fast as booking a hotel or ordering a pizza, in other words, just a few clicks away!



We want to closely connect customers and washing centres with the use of world class technology and global collaborations thereby simplifying the process of carpet cleaning and wash. Convenience, automation, eco-friendly, high-quality and reasonable service is what we ensure to offer our customers as well as raise awareness and help washing centres scale up. We strive to be the leading marketplace (one-stop solution) for carpet cleaning as well as be a company that contributes to mother earth by adapting environmental friendly practices in everything we do.

Our Team