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How Do We Do it?

Termin online buchen

You make an appointment online

Wir holen Ihre Teppiche

We Pick up the carpet at your suitable time


Wash your carpet to perfection

Lieferung vor der Haustür

Deliver it right to your doorstep

600+Cities Served
490+Happy Customers

Our Carpet Cleaning Categories & Prices

Bio Carpet Wash
(10,90 €/qm)

Includes: knocking, dusting, washing with curd soap, drying and vacuuming.

Premium Carpet Wash
(15,90 €/qm)

Includes: knocking, dusting, pretreatment of stains (chemically), washing with curd soap, drying and vacuuming.

Commercial Carpet cleaning
(5 €/qm)

Includes: knocking, dusting, pretreatment of stains (chemically), washing with curd soap, drying and vacuuming.

Upholstery Cleaning

If you need upholstery cleaning for your sofas, stools and other pieces of furniture in Munich, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you have fabrics like leather or microfiber, we have the experienced experts and the right equipment to get the job done right.

Fixed Floor Carpet Cleaning

Do you have a carpeted floor to clean ?! Then we are exactly the right address for you! We work with modern high-performance machines with the latest patented rotation technology specially produced for us.


Environmentally Friendly

On-Time Delivery

Carpet Cleaning Masters

Shipping insurance

Reasonable Prices

Online Payment Option



Tried the online service of Wir Reinigen Deinen Teppich for my carpet cleaning and have to say that everything worked perfectly and perfectly. Very easy order submission and absolutely great service in terms of processing and passing on information about the status of the individual processing stations to delivery on the desired date. Highly recommended.Gladly again 👍


Why did not you do that before? It is hardly easier, faster and cheaper. Great service. Gladly again


At first, I was a bit skeptical of whether everything went as smoothly as described, but I have to say, this is really a great service. Very handy if you have neither the opportunity to bring the carpet itself for cleaning or to wait at home for the messenger. The agreed times are respected and all in all, a really practical thing!


All I can say is a really great and innovative service. You know that, if you really love a piece of furniture, then you would like to enjoy it for a long time. So I also decided on this carpet cleaning service via app. And everything went really great! The process, the result – I’m really excited about this new idea. That would be something for other areas 😉


My husband and I own a very nice hand knotted rug, which really needed cleaning. Since one often misses the right resources and we did not want to treat the beautiful piece the wrong way – and of course because it makes a real effort at this size – we have opted for this service. The result was really impressive but even better, everything worked out as agreed! We are really happy to have tried it and can really recommend this performance.



We are We Clean Your Carpet, the first leading marketplace for carpet cleaning in Munich. Our goal is to automate the process of professional carpet cleaning and connect customers and washing centres with one another using cutting-edge technology and global collaboration.
Our web platform simplifies the frontline process for both customers and wash centres by ensuring convenience and revolutionizing the way carpet cleaning service is provided in Munich.
If you are looking for a platform nearby that can have your carpet picked up, amazingly cleaned and returned on the day and in the time window you want, we are your best bet. From your front door – to your front door!
Ali Görüryılmaz, the founder of We Clean Your Carpet, has the vision to make the cleaning process for carpets as easy as booking a hotel or ordering a pizza. In other words, with just a few clicks, you have your carpets back in your home clean.

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