Cleaning Wool Carpets
A wool carpet is a popular choice not only because it is natural but it is also known for its luxurious feel, long-lasting resilience, warmth retaining properties i.e insulate rooms better, as well as is colourfast and can accept a variety of dyes. But just like other carpets, it comes with its fair share of […]

Ali September 15, 2020 Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning during Fall
Sure, it might be too early for putting those Christmas decorations and the tree, but it’s definitely not too early to start planning for the holidays. It’s almost the end of August and in a month’s time, it’s going to be October- the fall season, the perfect time to do what’s right for your carpet! […]

Ali September 11, 2020 Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Company
As a shopper, all of us want the best value in terms of services, products and of course price. At Wir Reinigen Deinen Teppich, we ensure all three and so much more with our carpet cleaning service. In this blog, we will offer you 5 benefits that will convince you, you need to choose us […]

Ali September 7, 2020 Carpet Cleaning

Clean Orient Carpets
The first carpet that comes to mind when decorating a home is orient, as it can add a completely premium and classy look to any household. But, when it comes to cleaning orient carpets, these are the most delicate kind and need gentle and attentive care as they are woven by the finest quality material […]

Ali August 31, 2020 Carpet Cleaning

Get Rid of Carpet Beetles
Those huge, crawling carpet insects aren’t just creepy, they can be downright destructive for your families health and your carpets. And in the case that you’ve probably spotted these beetles in your house and are panicking, it’s understandable, but stop, take a deep breath, because in this blog we tell you just how to get […]

Ali August 12, 2020 Carpet Cleaning

Circular Economy for Carpet Cleaning
What is Circular Economy? Circular economy is an economic system aimed at creating a closed loop that helps in eliminating waste and maintaining the continual use of resources and in turn, helps in reducing carbon emissions. When it comes to carpet cleaning, a circular economy involves three phases: Reduce Repair Reuse Why has a Circular […]

Ali August 7, 2020 Carpet Cleaning

Why do Carpet Stains & Odours Reappear
Clingy Stains & Odours Not Leaving Your Carpet? You spend hours cleaning your carpet, making it look sparkly clean, but after a day or two you notice the stains and odour begins to reappear. Frustrating isn’t it? This problem is a common occurrence for homeowners who either spend a lot of time cleaning their carpets […]

Ali August 5, 2020 Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning
Have You Ever Tried to Clean a Carpet Yourself? No, we don’t mean just regular vacuuming, but from picking the perfect products to actually using the right cleaning techniques. When it comes to thoroughly cleaning carpets a lot needs to be done to completely remove dust, bacteria ,mold etc. There are plenty of things lurking […]

Ali July 28, 2020 Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Businesses
A nice and clean office environment is important for both workers as well as clients. First impressions are everything when it comes to how individuals perceive your business. Carpets are often the most overlooked when it comes to cleaning but the first thing that is immediately visible when a person or client enters an office […]

Ali July 21, 2020 Carpet Cleaning

The Health Risks of a Dirty Carpet
We all are aware that a good, and clean surrounding is crucial for our health, and sure we can’t control the outdoors but we can ensure our house fosters a healthy environment. A dirty carpet can be the biggest culprit when it comes to making you and your family sick. A carpet can appear clean […]

Ali July 17, 2020 Carpet Cleaning