A Comprehensive Guide to Silk Carpet Cleaning

A Comprehensive Guide to Silk Carpet Cleaning

The luxurious sheen of silk carpets is truly unparalleled. But with such elegance comes the responsibility of proper care. Mistakes in cleaning can quickly turn your treasured piece from dazzling to dreary.

How do you maintain that pristine shine? At Wir Reinigen Deinen Teppich, we’re experts in delicate carpet care. Dive into our comprehensive guide and ensure your silk carpet remains a centerpiece for years to come.

Silk Carpet Cleaning: Being Gentle is Key!

A silk carpet is made of delicate natural fibers, making them highly prone to abrasion and deterioration. Here are some steps you can carry out at home to clean your silk carpet.

Step 1: Use a vacuum to remove all dust and dirt particles from your silk carpet.

Step 2: Remove any debris stuck in the fibers by sweeping the carpet with a soft broom. This will release any debris stuck in the carpet.

Step 3: Now, hang your silk carpet in a clean place and beat it lightly to get rid of any remaining dust and dirt.

Step 4: In case if you have spilled something on your silk carpet, make sure you immediately blot it with a dry cloth and ensure that all liquid is soaked. In case of solid stains, gently remove them by scooping out with a spoon.

Step 5: Put club soda on the area where the spill has occurred and gently blot using a dry cloth.
NOTE: Please do not scrub, as silk is already prone to abrasion, scrubbing could damage the natural fibers to an irreparable level.

Step 6: To completely eliminate the odor with a water and vinegar solution and gently blot using a dry cloth.

These are some of the steps you can take to achieve great cleaning for your silk carpet!

Guidelines to Preserve the Beauty of Your Silk Carpet

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Place it in areas with low foot traffic:

When it comes to silk carpet cleaning, remember silk doesn’t have a steady material. Yes yes, we know with their intricate design, colors and sophisticated appeal you want to flaunt them in your home, however placing them in an area with high footfall is big No-No as they do not have the ability to withstand wear and tear.

Note: Keep the silk carpet away from a spot where children and pets can access them.

Prevent your silk carpet from stains and spills:

That gorgeous silk carpet, would you ever want it to be stained? Of course not! You need to be proactive with your approach. Carefully think about where you will place your silk carpet to prevent frequent spills and stains. Even after being careful, in case a spill occurs, here is what you can when it comes to cleaning silk carpets: Air dry the carpet, blot it gently with club soda and vinegar and water solution and finally place it in a dry location.

Note: Remember, any moisture will act as a catalyst for mildew and mold as a silk carpet is hygroscopic in nature which means that it can absorb moisture from the surroundings.

Another wonderful service you should opt for is the impregnation treatment that creates a shield and protects your carpet from spills and stains, keeping it looking good!

Don’t know what impregnation is? read our blog.

Vacuum Consistently:

Without vacuuming your silk carpet, it will lose its sheen as dirt gets embedded into the fibers.

A pro tip from the experts at We Clean Your Carpet is that in order to thoroughly clean it, vacuum it with a brushless suction head, as other types of vacuum heads can damage your silk carpet.

Quick action is crucial:

When a spill occurs, as the longer you take to clean, the more the spill will embed itself into the fibers. Silk carpets have high tensile strength as their fibers are tightly knotted which gives it those intricate designs. But the downside is that it is this very reason that they are incredibly easy to damage.

WARNING: A silk carpet is very vulnerable and delicate and does not survive excessive exposure to heat, harsh chemical products and moisture. So do not treat it as an ordinary carpet, it needs extra attention when cleaning. For all the glamor it provides your home, it sure can be a diva!

Get rid of odors:

Ahh, that musty smell coming from your silk carpet. Don’t you just hate it? But lucky for you there is a household item that can come to your rescue- it’s the humble baking soda! Sprinkle the baking soda on top of the carpet where you can smell an odor. After an hour or more, use the brushless suction head of the vacuum cleaner on the spot to remove the residue. The baking soda is a great deodorizer and freshener and can be safe to use on even the most fragile silk carpets. However, if the odor still does not go away after this tip, please seek out professional help.

Professional Silk Carpet Cleaning is the Way to Go!

The safest and most effective solution you can have to clean a silk carpet is to opt for a professional carpet cleaner like We clean your carpet in Munich. Our experts are patient and consistent as well as knowledgeable enough to get the job done well. Once you hire us, you can rest assured and relax as we inspect the silk carpet to determine the nature of damage or stains, observe inconspicuous areas and only then implement the most perfect solution so carpet discolouration can be avoided, something that is a very common issue when individuals do it at home.


If you are looking for a professional carpet cleaning for your silk carpet, then look no further than Wir Reinigen Deinen Teppich. Lustrous, Lavish and alluring- these are three words that describe the beautiful silk carpet and we are pretty sure you can’t bear to see it dirty!

Patience, consistency and of course professional help is the key to keeping your silk carpet looking like a decor piece that just lights up and adds flair to your home!

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