Carpet Cleaning During COVID 19 Times

Carpet Cleaning During Covid-19 Times

Healthy living, to a safe home. Carpet cleaning helps to fight the spread of germs and viruses by not only cleaning and disinfecting the surface of your home.

We know that many people are thinking about having their carpets cleaned during the current coronavirus pandemic. According to experts, cleaning visibly soiled surfaces followed by disinfection is the best measure to prevent COVID-19 and other viral respiratory diseases in homes and other public places of assembly.

Especially now, when the whole family is at home more often and for longer periods of time than before the pandemic, carpets are subject to much more stress. A real carpet acts as a natural filter at home, it can breathe in, breathe out. That is why you should tap your carpet regularly to remove dust from it. Carpets should also be cleaned several times a year, depending on use.

Safeguard Yourself By Taking Prevention Measures

Studies suggest that the corona virus can survive between 2 hours and a few days on non-porous or hard surfaces. Although the survivability of the virus on soft surfaces such as clothes or carpets is not yet known, it appears from previous research that flat and hard surfaces are more virus-friendly than fabrics or carpets.

Although there is currently no evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted to humans from soft surfaces such as fabric or carpet, it is a good preventive measure to ensure that hard or soft surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with hot water and a good disinfectant.

Why Opt For Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Only a professional carpet cleaning can gently clean your valuable carpets with the right products and working methods, freeing them from bacteria etc. A professional cleaning of your carpet is good for your health and for maintaining the value of your carpet.

To make carpet cleaning easy and accessible for every household in Germany, we have digitized the end-2-end value chain of carpet cleaning via our online marketplace.

All our cleaning agents are 100% natural, the cleaning of the carpets is done at Covid- 19 times exclusively with the disinfectants listed by the RKI (Robert-Koch-Institute) such as Virucide effective disinfection methods (effective against enveloped and uncovered viruses, such as the Coronavirus). Exclusively carried out with gentle, natural means and technologies. Such as with the help of UV light, ozone devices, cold chambers.

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