Why do Carpet Stains & Odours Reappear & How to Fix Them?

Why do Carpet Stains & Odours Reappear

Clingy Stains & Odours Not Leaving Your Carpet?

You spend hours cleaning your carpet, making it look sparkly clean, but after a day or two you notice the stains and odour begins to reappear. Frustrating isn’t it?

This problem is a common occurrence for homeowners who either spend a lot of time cleaning their carpets themselves or even give it to a professional that maybe isn’t as knowledgeable.

In this blog, we state the main reasons these stains and odour appear again and how you can solve this problem once and for all!

Carpet Wicking Due to Excess Moisture

Carpet wicking occurs when stains soak deep into the backing of the carpet either by themselves or because of excess pressure applied by a carpet cleaning machine. Home carpet cleaning machines usually use too much water to clean carpets, and aren’t powerful enough to get rid of all the water, thus, keeping the carpet damp. In such a case, the carpet might look very clean on top but the stain on the bottom still remains. The major problem then is that as the carpet dries, the stain travels to the carpet fibres. This is how a stain looks like it has disappeared only for it to reappear again after a few days.


Hire a professional carpet cleaner one that will clean your carpets from the bottom to the top, which ensures the stains are eliminated rather than settling in the fibres of the carpet. At Wir Reinigen Deinen Teppich, we do exactly this ,while making sure we remove even the deepest stains.

Leftover Residue

Another reason why carpet stains reappear is because of any leftover residue. It’s important to note that this isn’t the same stain reappearing but any cleaning agent that’s left behind that gets stuck, and attracts dirt & dust, hence, leaving a stain.

This happens when a cleaner uses a lot of cleaning agents/ solutions to remove a tricky stain, the stain may be gone, but doing this will make your carpet more susceptible to getting a new stain due to the sticky residue left behind, every now and again.


You can remove such stains by taking the help of professional carpet cleaners that know just the right cleaning agent as well as the amount of solution to use, to remove stains instead of making your carpet susceptible to attracting more of them.

Recurring & Frequent Carpet Odours

Most recurring carpet odours are due to pet urine. Pet urine is very difficult to remove almost completely even after a carpet cleaning, making these odours reoccur. This happens because pets usually urinate over and over again on the same spot of the carpet, causing build up of urine and moisture in the backing as well as the pad of the carpet. When this moisture dried completely, the odour crystals are still left behind.
Sure cleaning agents might make your carpet look clean and cover up the free for a few days but these odour-filled crystals get trapped beneath the carpet and get released again, thus giving rise to a recurring odour.


completely getting rid of this pet urine odour is opting for Wir Reinigen Deinen Teppich’s pet urine removal treatment that breaks down these crystals and any bacteria from the urine, making your carpets odour free and spotless

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When it comes to carpet cleaning, make sure you have an experienced and quality carpet cleaner to do the job, otherwise your carpet will be clean for a few days and have stains and odours reappearing again.
If your goal is a happier and healthier home, using the perfect equipment, methods as well as the right cleaning agents is absolutely crucial.

So ditch the things that do only half the job, and get rid of the stains and odours for good.

We offer the most effective carpet cleaning in Germany, so don’t wait up, give us a call!

Ali August 5, 2020 Carpet Cleaning

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