Difficult Things People Encounter When Cleaning Carpets

Carpet Cleaning

Have You Ever Tried to Clean a Carpet Yourself?

No, we don’t mean just regular vacuuming, but from picking the perfect products to actually using the right cleaning techniques.

When it comes to thoroughly cleaning carpets a lot needs to be done to completely remove dust, bacteria ,mold etc. There are plenty of things lurking around in your carpet that are invisible to the naked eye.

As a professional carpet cleaning company, we come across many such cases daily where carpets have been immensely damaged and the most challenging things individuals have faced when they’ve tried to clean their carpets themselves. We hope to educate you with this blog with those hurdles. Read on!

So, What Difficult Things do People Encounter When Carpet Cleaning?


Overwetting is a highly common but most difficult thing that individuals encounter when carpet cleaning. This happens when someone applies more water to the carpet than the machine is capable of handling, and can even cause the carpet to shrink.

It also causes the use of excess detergents that could attract more dirt and grime, reducing the impact of any carpet cleaning done.


Ripping i.e causing a tear could also be possible when someone exerts additional pressure when carpet cleaning or also overstretching, leading one to purchase a new carpet altogether.

Which is why it is highly advisable to not clean your carpets on your own, and opt for a reliable carpet cleaning company who has professionals that have expertise to clean a carpet thoroughly while also mitigating the risks of ripping the carpet.


Excess heat and water usage can cause your carpet to shrink. This will make it look unattractive as well as loosen and damage any natural fibres. You can prevent this by ensuring that you choose a carpet cleaner that understands what your carpet needs and avoiding using any abrasive methods that could ultimately harm your carpets in more ways than one.

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Newly purchased carpets are prone to a normal shedding process where small balls of carpet fibre are seen littering the floor or even get inside your vacuum cleaner. Make sure that you gently vacuum your carpet, this way you will get rid of this issue.

Carpet Wicking

Majority of the time, when homeowners try to clean their carpets on their own, they notice a brown spot just after cleaning their carpets. This is known as carpet wicking. It is a result of a carpet stain that gets stuck to the carpet fibres. This happens when the fibres of a carpet get moist, the stain becomes easily noticeable.

Professional carpet cleaners just know the most appropriate way to address carpet wicking/browning.

Color Fading

There are countless types of carpet fibres and each carpet fibre has its own type of dye that can start to fade with direct exposure to sunlight. These dyes are also very sensitive to chemicals present in cleaners, which might be another reason why the carpet becomes discoloured.

Remember, never try to re-dye a carpet on your own or even fix color fading as you can end up badly damaging it.


It is not just the cleaners and the equipment that you need to rely on, but most importantly on who is cleaning the carpet.

At Wir Reinigen Deinen Teppich, our professional carpet cleaning technicians are fully trained and equipped with the know-how to identify stains in your carpet and are the key to protecting your carpets and making them cleaner than you ever envisioned.

Also, why do it yourself, when you’re just a booking away. Save your time, save your money in the long-run with a carpet cleaning!

Ready to Say Goodbye to Unclean & Damaged Carpets?

Ali July 28, 2020 Carpet Cleaning

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