5 Benefits of Choosing Us for Your Carpet Cleaning Needs

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As a shopper, all of us want the best value in terms of services, products and of course price. At Wir Reinigen Deinen Teppich, we ensure all three and so much more with our carpet cleaning service.

In this blog, we will offer you 5 benefits that will convince you, you need to choose us for your carpet cleaning needs!

1. Revolutionary Methods

At Wir Reinigen Deinen Teppich, we strive to go beyond just the status quo. We provide cutting edge effective professional carpet cleaning solutions that are not only efficient and beneficial for your home but also the local surrounding.

Our bio-cleaning method and eco-friendly pick-up and delivery with logistic powerhouses such as DHL is proof that one can create a revolutionary change to the local community with their business.

2. Preventing the Future of Stains

We believe in not just removing carpet stains but also preventing any future ones by applying a specially formulated stain protectant. This works by adding a shield around each carpet fibre and helps it ward off liquid and stains. Also, we don’t leave behind any residue that attracts dirt, making sure your carpets look as beautiful and clean as possible.

3. We Stand Up for a Cause- Preserving Our Local Environment

We refuse to turn a blind eye to the impact our services have on the local surroundings and the life of individuals, We use only green, non-toxic and safe carpet cleaning solutions that ensure customer health and also limit water wastage in our cleaning process.

You’ll be surprised to know that every year in Europe 1.6 million tonnes (around 400,000 tonnes in Germany alone)used carpets are disposed off- either in a landfill or burned.
To help stop this, we believe in creating a Circular Economy- one where individuals don’t throw away carpets but wash them, in turn, reducing the wastage, carbon footprint and help stop Global warming.

4. We Believe in a Cleaner Home & a Healthier You

Did you know that carpets carry 10 times more dirt and germs than a toilet seat? We remove all the dirt, allergens as well as bacteria from your carpet so your home is cleaner and you are healthier all year round!

5. Transparent & Affordable

We are as transparent with you as we can get, and let you know everything there is to know about how we clean carpets. You can rest assured that we never overcharge for any carpet cleaning services. In addition, we also constantly aim to provide you with value for money with our affordable prices.

Get Professional Carpet Cleaning in Germany

To us, carpet cleaning is more than just a business, in fact, what truly gets us off our feet is the happiness and health we spread nearby and throughout homes across Germany in areas such as Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and more.

Our promise is more than just mere words, as we apply the most proven methods to get you the best results. So if you are looking for a company that delivers the best, cares for you and keeps their promise, look no further than Wir Reinigen Deinen Teppich.

See the Promise Fulfilled!

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Ali September 7, 2020 Carpet Cleaning

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