How We Clean Orient Carpets

Clean Orient Carpets

The first carpet that comes to mind when decorating a home is orient, as it can add a completely premium and classy look to any household. But, when it comes to cleaning orient carpets, these are the most delicate kind and need gentle and attentive care as they are woven by the finest quality material such as with pure wool, silk or even both.

Orient carpets are expensive as they are handmade and you certainly don’t want to ruin yours, In this blog, we show you the steps we follow to professionally clean orient carpets at Wir Reinigen Deinen Teppich.

Cleaning Method

The first and foremost thing we make sure of is that orient carpets are only cleaned by hand. We do not use abrasive equipment to clean them because of their fragile nature.


We vacuum both sides of the carpet thoroughly, by using light hand motion while also ensuring that all the dust and grime from foot traffic is removed and cleaned completely. We only use light canister vacuum as well as specialised tools and avoid heavy-duty, industrial vacuums as these can damage the fibres of the orient carpet and rob it from its natural gloss.


We clean the orient rug with a special soapy solution and carpet shampoo, as previously mentioned we do this cleaning by hand. We then scrub the orient carpet gently and stroke it only in one direction so as to avoid roughening up the material as well as avoid any wear and tear.


We make sure we rinse the rug thoroughly and that no detergent or cleansing agent used is left in the carpet as well as remove any excess water. We always work in the same direction as the fabric so as to not cause the fibres to become loose and come out.


We then lay the carpet completely flat to dry and flip the other side only when one side is totally dry.

How Often Should You Clean an Orient Carpet?

Ideally, you need to clean your orient carpet at least once a year, although it is highly recommended that you do it every six months as these carpets have very high-foot-traffic. Furthermore, to determine if your carpet needs cleaning, keep your hands on the fibres of the rug and rub it for approximately 10-20 seconds. If you see a lot of dust on your fingers or in the air, you definitely need to hire an experienced carpet cleaning company right away.

How to Take Care of Your Orient Carpet at Home?

  • Keep your orient carpet out of direct sunlight- Orient carpets are very prone to sun damage and can lose their colour over time, so it is always best to keep them away from windows. Although, if this is not possible, do rotate your orient carpet once a month, so at least the colours fade over time.
  • Don’t keep heavy pieces of furniture on top of your orient carpet- Heavy furniture on top can cause wear and tear and loosen the fibres. You can prevent this by rearranging or moving your furniture occasionally.
  • Shake your carpet outside- Remove any dirt and particles, by shaking your orient carpet outside occasionally.


Caring for your orient carpet the right way is absolutely crucial. The use of over-the-counter bleach and harsh chemical agents can cause permanent damage to its natural fibres, which is why these expensive and high-quality orient carpets require professional cleaning.

A professional carpet cleaning company like Wir Reinigen Deinen Teppich can fully restore your orient carpet’s original state, appearance, colour and also overall freshness.

Ready to Bring Back the Shiny Luster to Your Orient Rugs?

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Ali August 31, 2020 Carpet Cleaning

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