How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles?

Get Rid of Carpet Beetles

Those huge, crawling carpet insects aren’t just creepy, they can be downright destructive for your families health and your carpets. And in the case that you’ve probably spotted these beetles in your house and are panicking, it’s understandable, but stop, take a deep breath, because in this blog we tell you just how to get rid of them by providing you comprehensive solutions and also give you some prevention tips while you’re at it.

Let’s start!

Before you learn how to get rid of these carpet beetles, a crucial thing to understand is – what they are and know exactly what they look like.

So, What are they?

Carpet beetles or insects are bugs that feed on soft and delicate furnishings in your home like carpets, curtains, clothes etc. These bugs are highly irritating because they eat and breed very quickly which means they can easily spread in your home, and at a fast pace.

What do they look like?

  • Adult carpet beetles are the size of a pin, are oval in shape and have a brown color.
  • Carpet larvae are longer than adult carpet beetles and can be either hairy or smooth. They also have brown, red, white striped markings on them.

Don’t be fooled by their size though, both these can do immense damage to your carpets.

How can I be sure I have beetles in my carpet?

Carpet beetles like to hang out in dark and secluded places, this could be underneath your carpets, behind furniture etc- which means pretty much any spot it’s hard to reach them. Let’s just say they are masters at hide and seek.

If you notice any of these below signs, you have finally caught them red-handed:

  • Shedded skin, which is brown, shell-shaped and bristly.
  • Brown coloured waste Pellets, that are as small as the size of a grain of sand.

How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles?

If you’ve finally been successful in locating these creepy intruders, it is time to say goodbye to them by following these carpet cleaning methods. Sure, it can be a rigorous process on your own, which is why we recommend you contact the professional carpet cleaning experts here at Wir Reinigen Deinen Teppich, to do the job and bring back the tidiness & tranquility in your home.

Methods of Removal:

1. Vacuum Cleaning :

When it comes to getting rid of carpet insects or beetles, it is vital to clean every inch or nook & cranny of your house.

You should start by getting your carpet thoroughly vacuumed in the spot where you notice the most amount of damage. Clean the vacuum thoroughly, seal the vacuum bag and then throw it away carefully.

You need to ensure this process is repeated for your entire home as well as don’t forget the furniture.

If possible, also steam clean both your carpets and furniture which thereby uses heat to eliminate the beetles.

2. Moth Treatment

If you are experiencing a very serious carpet insects infestation, and need a faster and effective solution, we recommend trying our moth treatment that is designed to deal with any stubborn pests and protect your carpets and home.

Our moth treatment is a four step process- Removal and thorough cleaning by identifying affected areas, using insect killing effective products in infected areas as well as kill any remaining larvae that the beetles have breeded, and spraying a non-staining pesticide sprays that have a fast-killing impact to ensure complete elimination of both adult beetles and larvae.

Although, you might feel that you can DIY a moth treatment and get the carpet cleaned by yourself, there are many ways you can end up irreparably damaging it.

Here is How- Why Do it Yourself Carpet Cleaning is Risky?

Prevention Tips

To keep your home free from carpet insects, make sure you follow these preventive steps :

  • Keep your doors and windows as closed as possible: This is because carpet beetles have the ability to fly, by which they can creep in your home.
  • Remove any kind of debris from your home: such as spider webs, old nests, any dry leaves or twigs, as carpet beetles love living in old, secluded places.
  • Keep unused clothing in closed containers or boxes: A sealed place for your clothes will ensure that carpet beetles cannot access and go hide in them.

When it comes to carpet insects, regular attention and cleaning is crucial. Our professional carpet cleaning services will give you peace of mind as well as restore the cleanliness of your home.

Book a moth treatment today!

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