5 Ways to Clean a White Carpet

5 Ways to Clean a White Carpet

What an elegant feel and cushiony soft richness a white carpet can provide to a home, and drop something on it and it can look like a complete mess. This is why it becomes essential to keep your white carpet tidy and properly maintained by cleaning it.

In this blog, we are going to give you five ways you can clean a white carpet and keep the look alive!

Let’s start!

1. Shake the Carpet

It’s important that when you decide to take up the cleaning of your white carpet, you rub it and then take it outdoors. After this, shake the carpet firmly by holding its corners and continue shaking it until most of the debris, dirt, and crumbs stop falling from it.

Note: If your carpet is just too large to shake, you can easily hang it over a ceiling and then give it a good beating with a broomstick or any other strong stick. Also, ensure that you don’t forget to do this on both sides.

2. Thoroughly Vacuum

Vacuuming is an essential part of keeping your carpet in great condition. It is paramount that you vacuum the back of the carpet with a beater brush so as to loosen the dirt that gets embedded within the carpet fibers. Although, if you have a shag carpet or fibers that are really long make sure you don’t use the beater brush while vacuuming. Also, don’t vacuum knots and fringes with the beater brush.

3. Eradicate Odors

In order to eradicate any odors from your white carpet, you can use baking soda which is a great natural odor absorber alternative to more chemical options. It’s best to sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on your carpet, let it sit on the carpet for a few hours overnight, and then vacuum it.

4. Few Spots? Just Spot Clean

A few tips to make spills disappear it is to:

  • Do it as fast as possible.
  • Make sure you remove any debris or excess moisture from the spot. Blot the stain with a clean towel and then once the stain has dried you can use the edge of a spoon to remove any solid debris left.
  • You can also mix together a small amount of water and mild detergent.
  • Now, blot the spot with detergent water. Also, make sure that you only blot and not rub as this can you to damage your carpet fibers and drive more stain into the fibers.
  • Clean this towel and then repeat the above steps until the stain goes away.
  • Now, blot clean water on the spot several times such that the detergent gets completely removed.

If All Else Fails, Get a Professional Deep Carpet Cleaning

  • It is inevitable that as white carpets are exposed to the floor, they are going to get dirty. But how do you make these carpets look white again? Here are a few tips from our experts at We clean your carpet in Munich:
  • Mix together water with a small amount of mild detergent and using a clean sponge, dip it in this mixture.
  • Start scrubbing the carpet. Make sure you start at the corner and work in a grid-like pattern so that you don’t miss any spots on the carpet.
  • Make sure that you clean your sponge carefully and frequently.
  • Once you are done scrubbing the carpet, make sure you go over it again with the sponge but this time just with clean water. This is to ensure that all the detergent is removed as once the carpet dries it can attract dirt easily.
  • Now, dry the carpet carefully before you put it back in place.
  • Finally make sure you hang your carpet outside so that air can circulate on it, and completely dry it.

Although, if you have pesky and stubborn stains your best bet is a professional carpet cleaning from We clean your carpet, so don’t wait up! Make Your White Carpets Shining White Again!

Ali February 17, 2021 Carpet Cleaning

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