What to Expect After a Professional Carpet Cleaning

What to Expect After a Professional Carpet Cleaning

So you’ve just got your carpet cleaned, your home looks more beautiful than ever and everything feels right. But you also have some questions such as:

  • Is it okay to walk on my carpets right after carpet cleaning?
  • Can I now move my furniture back on top of the carpet?
  • Will my carpets have a specific smell after carpet cleaning?
  • How long should I wait before vacuuming my carpet after cleaning?

We get it and you’re right to ponder upon these questions as they are necessary to take the best aftercare of your carpet after cleaning.

In this blog, we are going to answers all your questions so we can put all your concerns at rest!

Let’s start!

1. The most common question that comes up when your carpet comes from cleaning is that is it already dry or do you need to wait before you place it at its original spot and start walking on it?

The experts at We Clean Your Carpet in Munich, recommend that you wait at least a day before placing your carpet. This is carpets take time to dry completely and even if your carpet has undergone a hot extraction process, it is highly likely that if your carpet was heavily soiled, there is a huge chance that more water was used to clean it. Although, even when using large quantities of water, professional carpet cleaners still run a lot of dry passes over your carpet decreasing the dry time. This dry time can range anywhere between 6-8 hours and 12 in extreme cases.

2. Can I move my furniture on the carpet immediately after carpet cleaning?

It’s important that before placing any furniture on your carpet, you ensure they are totally dry. This is because wooden furniture usually has stains on it which can transfer onto your carpet. The same goes for furniture with metal legs. Excessive exposure to these metal leg furniture with the carpet can create rust stains.

3. Will my carpet have a residual smell after carpet cleaning?

If your carpet was free from pet stains or other smelly substances then there is no chance your carpet will carry a residual smell. Professional carpet cleaners at We Clean Your Carpet ensure that the cleaning is done perfectly so that the odor has vanished.

4. How long should I wait before vacuuming my carpet after cleaning?

As soon as your carpet dries, vacuum the carpet before moving the furniture back to minimize any dirt that gets caught on your cleaned carpet.

Do Your Part After Carpet Cleaning

That being said, you can go beyond just the instructions and do your part in caring and maintaining your carpet after cleaning. Here are some aftercare tips:

Keep people and pets off your carpet until it’s dried:

Don’t walk on the carpet until you’re very sure it’s dried properly. Remember, walking on the carpet right after cleaning can flatten and damage fibers as well as increase the drying time. If there is an emergency, and you have no other option but to walk on the carpet make sure you wear white socks or house slippers while doing so.

Opt for an impregnation treatment (carpet protection):

Our experts at Wir Reinigen Deinen Teppich in Munich recommend that you opt for a carpet impregnation (protection) treatment with your carpet cleaning. This will prevent any dirt and stains from sticking to your carpet or embedding deep within the fibers. Furthermore, it can also increase the time you can go without constant professional carpet cleaning.
Do note: If you opt for an impregnation treatment ensure that you decrease foot traffic to let the product settle in and until the carpet is dry. Once this is done, vacuum the carpet thoroughly.


Aftercare can help prolong the life span of your carpet and keep them looking good for years, You can’t stop your pets and family from dirtying the carpet again or stop the dirt and dust from accumulating but you sure can ensure that you get your carpet professionally cleaned at intervals- twice or thrice in a year to keep it looking fresh, beautiful and bright.

In addition to getting your carpets cleaned, our experts at Munich recommend that you vacuum the carpet regularly. This will result in less dirt and dust, keeping your home looking good and your family in perfect health!

As you see you don’t need to follow a bunch of fancy and expensive maintenance methods to keep your carpet looking great. All you need to do is keep the above tips in mind, get your carpet professionally cleaned twice or thrice a year, so your carpets stay as clean as possible.

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