Carpet types
Carpet Cleaning Can Be a Demanding Task- Know Your Carpet Type A carpet brings warmth, cosiness, comfort, and aesthetic into one’s home. Among the first things, your friends and guests notice when they enter your home is a well-maintained and clean carpet. Cleaning a carpet is no easy feat, it requires a lot of hard […]

Ali January 20, 2021 Carpet

Does steam cleaning of your carpet look like a daunting task to you? Not anymore. Cleaning your carpet on a regular basis adds life to your carpet and steam cleaning helps in restoring the beauty of your carpet. It not only helps in removing debris and grease, but also helps in cleaning the bacteria, germs […]

Ali January 14, 2021 Carpet Cleaning

remove burn marks from carpet
Whether it’s one of the romantic date nights you planned to have with candle-light dinner or dropping a heavy iron on the carpet, burns can be a pain. And now the burn mark is super noticeable even from a mile away, ruining the aesthetics of your beautiful carpet. So how do you remove it? If […]

Shalini Mishra January 13, 2021 Carpet Cleaning

Signs of Mould growth
You have just returned from your holiday trip and are planning to relax in your cozy home to beat that holiday exhaustion. But nature has a different plan for you. The moment you enter your home, you get an unpleasant damp smell lingering in your home. Immediately you open all doors, windows to breathe some […]

Ali January 12, 2021 Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Fraying
For quite some time, you have been busy with your schedule and have been unable to take care of your carpet, until one fine day, you see frayings in your carpet. While we all love our carpets to be smooth and comfortable, not maintaining your carpet on a regular basis and can lead to carpet […]

Ali December 22, 2020 Carpet Cleaning,  Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Before Holidays
With the holiday season approaching and you are busy cleaning your home to make it spic and span for your lovable guests and suddenly you notice, your soiled carpet, lingering with a foul odour! We all can imagine, how unpleasant it would be, when your friends and relatives spending a holiday at your home, spot […]

Ali December 18, 2020 Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Impregnation
A Long Term Solution to Carpet Dirt & Stains? Carpet Impregnation. Ever heard of it? Trust us, if you’re a carpet owner, this one is especially important for you to know. Your carpets and your home will thank you! So, What is Carpet Impregnation? Carpet impregnation is a treatment that can keep your carpets looking […]

Ali November 17, 2020 Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Waste: A Challenge in Germany? One of the biggest challenges in Germany for carpets is that every year around 400,000 tons of used carpets are discarded. This problem exists for several reasons: There is no comprehensive system for sustainability in Germany. The carpet manufacturing industry does not incorporate recyclability when designing.  Lack of proper […]

Ali November 12, 2020 Carpet Cleaning

Pet Owners Guide to Carpet Cleaning
Pet’s are great. They cheer us up when we are down, bring us joy, relieve our stress and are just an overall blast to be around. However, no matter how amazing they are, it cannot be denied that they have a certain reputation when it comes to cleaning. No matter how well trained your pet […]

Ali November 9, 2020 Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Problems
When you buy a new carpet, it looks sparkly, makes your room look beautiful and is as soft as it can be. Fast forward to a few weeks/months down the road and your carpet looks like it needs a cleaning. When was the last time you cleaned your carpet? And if you did, are you […]

Ali November 5, 2020 Carpet Cleaning

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