How to Remove Chewing Gum from Carpet

Remove Chewing Gum from Carpet

Carpets can get a lot of things stuck in them from dirt, grime, and stains but the most difficult to remove yet is chewing gum.

Chewing gum is a highly sticky mess that is difficult to remove from most surfaces and carpets are no exception. In fact, it’s more burdensome to remove from the soft fibers of the carpet. The flexible and bendable nature of chewing gum makes it more to get into deep crevices, and form a tight bond with anything it comes into contact with.

Most would feel that removing a piece of gum off the carpet with the hand is a good thing to do, although it is important to know doing this will only stretch it and break it apart, even more, leaving a residue behind. These traces that are left behind are very challenging to remove. So if you’re in this sticky situation, read on as our blog is going to educate you on how to remove gum from the carpet.

Ready to get started? Let’s do it!

Step 1: Prepare

First, obtain a thin piece of cardboard and cut a small hole that is in the shape of the gum. Note that this is an important step as the cardboard protects the surrounding carpet area while you remove the gum. Now, place the cardboard over the spot.

Step 2: Freeze

Freeze? What? Yes, you heard that right! Place an ice-cube inside of a plastic and rub it over the gum on the carpet. This prevents the ice from melting. Continue to rub the ice over the gum until it becomes hard. This results in the molecules in the gum contracting and relaxes its bond making it easier to remove. Instead of ice, you can also try spraying an aerosol product over the gum.

Step 3: Scrape

Once the gum hardens, make sure you use a knife that isn’t sharp or use a silicone scraper to carefully remove the gum. If you still notice that there are stubborn pieces of gum or a stain is left behind, it’s time to follow the below steps.

Step 4: Clean the residue that remains

Use a citrus-based adhesive remover, apply it to the gum and scrape or blot it off gently.

Step 5: Eradicate the Stain

Even after you scrape or blot off the residue, there may be a stain left behind. If this is the case, mix one part of mineral oil and eight parts of dry cleaning solution. Now, apply a small amount of it to the stain and start firmly pressing with a sponge. Remove the cardboard at this moment as this will allow you to blot the stain more easily and effectively. Make sure you don’t rub the stain as this could make it worse. Repeat this step and keep blotting until the stain is gone.

Step 6: Finally, Rinse and Dry

Now, rinse the carpet with a little bit of water and blot the excess moisture off with a towel until it’s dry. This will ensure that your carpet does not have a risk of growing mold or mildew.

A Sticky Situation that Isn’t Going Away? Get Professional Help!

We know, chewing gum stuck to the carpet and unwilling to come off is really frustrating but you don’t have to feel helpless. You can get out of this sticky situation with a professional carpet cleaning in Munich.
Our experts can remove the chewing gum from your carpet and get it back to its original state again- your carpet will look beautiful, renewed, and good as ever!

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Ali February 23, 2021 Carpet Cleaning

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