Is Your Carpet Coronavirus Free?

Is Your Carpet Coronavirus Free?

Is Coronavirus Lurking in Your Carpet?

As the Covid-19 has hit the world with a storm, and everyone has been advised to follow hygiene guidelines and stay safe, we’ve been receiving tons of questions from homeowners about the possible implications of coronavirus on carpets and how long can it survive on it from various individuals.

With the help of this blog, we dig deep into answering this burning question as well as offer some tips on keeping your carpet clean and safe for your loved ones.

The LifeSpan of the Coronavirus on Carpets

By now, all of us know how coronavirus can be spread through sneezing, coughing, talking and physical contact with others. The lifespan of viruses like coronavirus also depends on various factors such as temperature, humidity and well as how porous a material is.

Although carpets are porous in nature, like wood and clothing compared to non-porous materials on which viruses last twice as long, this does not mean your carpets are completely safe.

Even though there is no assured way to actually say how long the coronavirus lasts actively on carpets, many studies do suggest that it can last anywhere between 2 hours to a few days on surfaces, making the infection probability quite likely if you don’t get your carpet deep cleaned thoroughly.

So, You May be Wondering How Can Coronavirus Lurk on Your Carpet?

  • Carpets are prone to their fair share of the viral load if individuals sneeze or cough on them without covering their faces properly, thus, that spray falls into the fibres of the carpet.
  • Individuals can also bring coronavirus into their homes due to the bottom of their shoes! Yes!

Useful Tips to Keep Your Carpet Safeguarded & Clean

Practising hygiene becomes absolutely crucial when there is a virus or any illness going around, and the best way to keep your carpets clean,

  • Use gloves that are the wear and throw ones when disinfecting or cleaning any surfaces in your home, including if you’re cleaning your carpet by yourself.
  • Use a doormat to keep shoes clean, and don’t forget to leave your shoes at the door and disinfect them instantly (this way you won’t step with them on your carpet and the floor)
  • Instead of using baby wipes for disinfecting surfaces, make sure you use alcohol-based wipes.
  • Book a professional carpet cleaning for your home. There is so little natural fixes can do, rather they are only good for spots like dirt, minor stains, etc, so it’s always best to opt for a professional who knows just the right way to clean a carpet so it is as safe as possible.

Schedule a Carpet Cleaning Booking with Wir Reinigen Deinen Teppich

In a time like this, taking absolute precaution is a necessity for the safety of you and your family which means staying indoors, and getting your surfaces thoroughly cleaned especially your carpet. In the comfort of your home, you can schedule a booking at a convenient time for you and also receive pick and delivery of your carpet with Wir Reinigen Deinen Teppich. We follow all safety protocols and cleanest equipment practices so you don’t have to worry about carpet cleaning.

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