Myths About Cleaning Wool Carpets

Cleaning Wool Carpets

A wool carpet is a popular choice not only because it is natural but it is also known for its luxurious feel, long-lasting resilience, warmth retaining properties i.e insulate rooms better, as well as is colourfast and can accept a variety of dyes.

But just like other carpets, it comes with its fair share of myths and doubts about the process of cleaning them. In this blog, we are going to debunk the misinformation that revolves around wool carpet cleaning. Ready to find out? Read on!

Myth #1- Wet cleaning will damage fibres of the wool carpets

Fact: It is important to remember that wool is hair, and just like any hair it can be washed with water although it needs to be done carefully.

Myth #2- Shrinkage can occur if the wool carpet is wet-cleaned

Fact: This is not entirely true. Although one must ensure the wool carpet is cleaned with cool water, also wool has a very absorbent property so it is best not to completely drench it in water, otherwise, shrinkage is possible.

Myth #3- Wool Carpet can turn brown if wet-cleaned

Fact: Carpet backing can most likely cause discolouration, not because of the wet fibres of the carpet.

Myth #4- One should not use chemicals when wet-cleaning a wool carpet

Fact: One can use chemicals when cleaning a wool carpet, but the cleaning agents used should have a neutral Ph.

Myth #5: Never use bleach when cleaning a wool carpet

Fact: This one is true, as bleach can damage and dissolve a wool carpet to a huge extent.

Myth #6: Always let the wool carpet air-dry at its own pace

Fact: False. In fact, rapid air drying is highly recommended when it comes to wool carpets. The quicker your wool carpet dries, the better it is. It is always great that one ventilated the room before-hand. Also one must place the dryers in strategic positions to ensure the wool carpet dries as fast as possible. The fantastic news is that wool carpets are strongly resistant to mould and mildew as compared to synthetic carpets as the fibres allow the moisture to pass through it.

Now that you know what to do and what not do since we’ve debunked the myths, here are some preventive measures to take care of your wool carpet/carpets.

  • To limit dirt and mud on your wool carpet, don’t bring footwear inside the house or use indoor slippers.
  • Restrict having food or drink near the carpet
  • To minimise fading, keep your wool carpet away from direct sunlight.
  • Choose carpet cleaning products/agents very carefully.

Also, remember it is extremely crucial to get the help of a professional carpet cleaner before you make any decisions regarding cleaning your wool carpet.

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The experts at Wir Reinigen Deinen Teppich know just the way they should be cleaned, as well as the products to use for a cleaner, fresher and beautiful looking carpet!

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