What is Carpet Fraying? Why it needs your attention

Carpet Fraying

For quite some time, you have been busy with your schedule and have been unable to take care of your carpet, until one fine day, you see frayings in your carpet. While we all love our carpets to be smooth and comfortable, not maintaining your carpet on a regular basis and can lead to carpet problems which also includes carpet fraying.

This can be annoying and a cause of worry as now your carpet appears dull, rough, and risky. Yes, risky!

In this blog, we explain to you what leads to carpet fraying and what you can do to prevent it.

So what is Carpet fraying and why you must address it as earliest?

Carpets are one of your home decor items that are maximum prone to wear and tear. So after using it for a while, you might start seeing frayings on edge of your carpet or areas of high traffic on your carpet. So why you must address this problem in time ?

We get you the logic behind it :

  • Saves you from tripping: Frayed edges can be risky as your feet can get entangled in carpet fibres causing you or your family members to trip over your carpet and so you must fix it as earliest
  • Protect from further damage: If carpet fraying is not fixed soon it can cause further damage as the frays worsen and your carpet will then be beyond repair causing monetary loss to you.
  • Fraying makes your carpet dull: Fraying can cause holes in your carpet and if not handled on time it can rip your carpet in parts. Your carpet also appears dull and rough if you are unable to keep carpet edges from fraying.

What causes carpet fraying?

If you fail to clean your carpet on time, dust, mud and other items start accumulating on your carpet, which then further increases the friction in your carpet leading to frays in your carpet. Similarly moving furniture or regularly sliding your furniture on your carpet can also damage to carpet due to friction.Sometimes our lovely pets are involved in carpet frayings as some pets are known to scratch carpets and pet claws can cause damage to carpet fibres. Incidents of rough and harsh cleaning of carpets can also damage your carpet leading to carpet frays.

How is carpet fraying is fixed?

Carpet fraying can be fixed in many ways which depend on the extent of the damage in your carpet. This also involves using unused carpet areas, use of carpet binding equipment, sealants and various other steps to make your carpet free from frayings.

Should you opt for professional help or fix carpet fraying by yourself through DIY techniques?
We all know DIY techniques can further damage your carpet and can also leave uneven surfaces on your carpet causing it to appear worst than before. This is where professional services come to help.


This is why we must be regularly maintaining and cleaning the carpet which can prevent carpet fraying and extend the life of our carpets thus saving us from tripping accidents and also from heavy expenses.

Planning a carpet cleaning? Try us for your carpet cleaning needs!

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