8 Reasons to Have Carpets Cleaned Year Round

Reasons to Have Carpets Cleaned

Take a minute today and think about the one item in your house that gets ignored due to the everyday hustle and bustle of life. One that is very crucial both health-wise and look wise? Can you guess? It’s your carpet.

There are many reasons to get your carpets cleaned year round, something this blog will deeply cover. Ready?

1. Improves air quality

You may be wondering how cleaning your carpet helps with this? Carpets are a trap-house of mold, dust and dirt that can heavily impact the air quality you breathe. This in turn, can effect health giving rise to bad allergies. To steer clear from these issues, make sure you get your carpets maintained and cleaned professionally.

2. Eradicates bacteria and mites

In addition to air-borne harmful bacteria, carpets are also a breeding ground for mites. When carpets are not cleaned the soil, bacteria and germs start building up more drastically. Carpet cleaning can help eliminate these pollutants and ensure a safe, healthy home environment.

3. Prolongs the life of your carpet

With professional carpet cleaning, only the best treatment is given to your carpet with top-notch procedure, equipment and people with years of experience to ensure that the life of your carpets is extended, allowing you to keep the carpet for years!

4. Easier to maintain

Getting a professional carpet cleaning twice a year will ensure that regular cleaning tasks such as vacuuming and dusting will become easier as there won’t be a build-up of both.

5. Removes tough stains

Stains such as coffee, wine, tea, etc don’t come off with regular at home cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning can help you remove them promptly and protect your carpet from further damage.

6. Enhances the look of a room

Have you ever tried changing one decor piece at home? Notice how it instantly gives a new look to the room? Carpet cleaning works the same way, it can breathe new life into a dull looking carpet and make it look new again. If your carpet looks fresh & clean, the entire room will most likely benefit from this.

7. Maintains the warranty of the carpet

Most carpets come with a warranty that requires one to get carpets cleaned using the extraction method for a specific duration such as 12 or 18 months to maintain its texture and quality. Thus, following this warranty tip helps one maintain the look and feel of the carpet.

8. Saving environment & money!

Last but not the least, did you know that in Germany 400,000 tonnes of carpets are thrown out every year?
Not just that, carpet cleaning can make a carpet look as good as new. You’d be saving the environment, giving a new life to your carpet as well as saving up because you wouldn’t have to purchase another one. There is no better win-win situation than this.


In addition to all the reasons mentioned above, hygiene is another extremely crucial aspect during such a time as the pandemic, which is why you shouldn’t wait to get your carpet thoroughly cleaned.

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