How to Get Rid of Tough Carpet Stains?

Carpet stains are spills whether liquid, food, oil etc that are very hard to remove and cause permanent damage if not taken care of quickly. They can happen by anyone, whether it’s your kids playing around the house, your spouse busy doing something while sipping on the beverage or even You!

Effective carpet stain removal can only be done if you know what type of stain it is, which ultimately helps you find out the cleaning method to use!

So, What are the Types of Stains?

1. Water-Soluble Stains

Out of all the stains, water based carpet stains are the easiest to clean. Examples of these types of stains are alcohol, soda, paint, jelly and fruit syrup. Although, it is very important to remember that you can achieve success in removing this type of stain when it is still fresh and recently spilled.

2. Protein-Based Water Soluble Stains

There are certain water soluble stains that are protein based which are more difficult to treat. Examples of these stains are dairy products, blood, meat, meat juices and other bodily fluids. Note that in addition to being difficult to remove, these can also cause a really bad odour on your carpet.

3. Oil & Fat-based Stains

Fats and oils have a tendency to stick naturally to other fats and oils such as synthetic fibre carpets have petroleum in them, making these carpet stains very difficult to remove.

These types of stains need special treatment and coatings as well as dry cleanings or steam cleaning depending on the condition of your carpet.

Our Tips On How to Clean Carpet Stains

  • The first step, we recommend is blotting your carpet with a wet white towel and removing any solid pieces.
  • For liquid, food or any oil-based stains make sure you do not scrub the carpet, instead gently dab a clean damp cloth. Once you notice that the color has started transferring from the stain to the cloth, replace the cloth with another one.
  • Also note, do not use any product containing bleach as this can permanently damage your carpet as well as ensure that you clean the carpet stain on time, because the longer the stain remains, the harder it becomes to remove.

Why Professional Help for Stain Removal is More Cost-Effective Than Doing it Yourself?!

Many homeowners believe that removing stains by themselves is the best and most affordable way to do it. But this is far from the truth. This is because taking care of stains without a professional can make a situation worse and cost you big time and even go far as causing harm to you and your family.

Doing it yourself can also have after-effects such as :

Scratches & Scrapes:

When doing it yourself, huge consideration of the products used as well as the type of cleaning required is very important. Individuals can end up being too harsh or use the wrong product, which can cause tears or scratches on their carpet.


Using harsh chemicals can also negatively affect the color of your carpet. Also this stained color can stay permanently making it extremely hard to remove.

Therefore, to completely avoid all these types of hassles, it is very important to hire a professional carpet cleaner to remove stains without damaging your carpet.

If you still think professional carpet cleaning is expensive, clear your doubts, you’ll be surprised!

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Why Choose WRDT for Stain Removal?

At We Clean Your Carpet, we clean & remove all carpet stains using the latest technology, best cleaners as well as perfect care to make sure your carpets incur no damages.

You can also opt for our impregnation treatment that protects your carpet from stains by not only donating your own fat to your carpet, but also having moisture and dirt-repellent effects.

Ready to Say Goodbye to Carpet Stains?

Ali July 10, 2020 Carpet Cleaning

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